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Ice TimeRoom #ProgramStart TimeLocationIce TimeRoom #ProgramStart TimeLocationIce TimeRoom #ProgramStart TimeLocation
N/ARoom 1Female OnlyN/AN/AN/ARoom 1Female OnlyN/AN/AN/ARoom 1Female OnlyN/AN/A
7:00 AMRoom 1 Schubs N/AN/A7:00 AMRoom 31v1 - Lehmann
8:15 AMRoom 10R1 ProN/AN/A8:00 AMRoom 9RGD Camp7:35 AMRoom 21v1 - Brennan/Gogela
9:45 AMRoom 7R1 Prep (2005)N/AN/A9:15 AMRoom 3/4Female Prep Camp8:35 AMRoom 21v1 - Blahy/Williams
1:30 PMRoom 8R1 Prep (2006)N/AN/A10:30 AMRoom 5/6Male Prep Camp9:35 AMRoom 21v1 - Burdeny/Pizzi
2:45 PMRoom 7R1 FemaleN/AN/A1:00 PMRoom 3/4Female Prep Camp10:35 AMRoom 21v1 - Vary/Picklyk
4:00 PMRoom 8R1 Prep (2006) N/AN/A2:15 PMRoom 5/6Male Prep Camp12:25 PMRoom 21v1 - Nash/Day
5:15 PMRoom 7/10R1 Extra Week3:25 PMRoom 3/41v1 - Myhr1:25 PMRoom 11v1 - Moneyas
6:30 PMRoom 8/9R1 Extra Week4:40 PMRoom 5/6Battle and Compete Clinic1:25 PMRoom 21v1 - Hunnam
8:00 PMRoom 7Dudes6:00 PMRoom 11v1 - Yallowega2:25 PMRoom 21v1 - Gordon/Samyn
8:00 PMRoom 10Pink Whitney's 6:00 PMRoom 51v1 - Major3:25 PMRoom 21v1 - Samyn/Timmerman
9:15 PMRoom 8Old Bulls 8:00 PMRoom 3/41v1 - Issac5:15 PMRoom 21v1 - Pauls/Thompson
9:15 PMRoom 9The Simpson's 6:15 PMRoom 21v1 - Smith/Pisker
7:15 PMRoom 11v1 - Halldorson
7:15 PMRoom 21v1 - Minsky
8:15 PMRoom 21v1 - Neufeld
8:15 PMRoom 21v1 - Minor

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